DR. KAMRAN FAZAL is the CEO of “The House of Kollaage” and serves on its board of Directors. A doctor by training, Dr. Kamran brings a unique assortment of his service in the Armed Forces and inventive personal qualities to the corporate world. He is a young entrepreneur who is driven by his pursuit of dreams and turning ideas into concrete realities through passion, decisive decision making and critical thinking.

He set up “The House of Kollaage” in 2011 which in a very short span transformed into one of the leading BTL (Below the Line) advertising agencies in Pakistan. Today the company serves its customers through Loom Creatives, Kollaage Concepts, Kollaage 360 and Eventually Panash.  These companies provide services and expertise to leading organizations in the corporate sector.

In 2014 the Company also turned into a profitable real-estate marketing entity under the label Noble Vision Developers which aims to provide affordable housing for the country’s working class. Through State of the art town planning based on 21st century real estate development and provision of modern amenities, Noble Vision Developers provides a satisfactory experience to its customers & adds value to their property. 2 years on, the company reaps healthy dividends for its esteemed clientele through meeting international standards and fulfilling the gap of delivery.

With even higher goals and a reservoir of infinite energy, Dr. Kamran Fazal inspires those who work with him through setting personal examples of hard work, commitment to service and maintaining a conducive relationship with his employees. His team caters to an ever demanding marketplace.

Prior to his business ventures, Dr. Kamran served the Pakistan Army with a distinct service record in the capacity of a regular Doctor. He holds his service to the Fatherland in high esteem which serves as the basis of his philanthropy for underprivileged children, providing suitable homes for the old citizenry & awarding generous scholarships to deserving students.


To exceed the expectations of our valued clients, to be the preferred urban development company and to establish unprecedented standards in town planning.

To create and maintain great spaces to live and work in, listening to what our customers need is & providing them innovative solutions that adds value.



Noble Vision Developers is bringing an evolution in the concept of living spaces in your city, where you have modern amenities and luxuries within your reach. GLOBALCITY provides exclusive living through total security, round the clock supply of electricity and water, clean and green environment through state of the art town planning. We guarantee a niche in living unlike before.